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.in domain

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Select a Domain Name of your choice which will highlight your business name, objective or purpose.

Select a Hosting Plan

Hostripples provides cheapest web hosting plan in India Starting at Rs.35/Month. Select any hosting plan as per your requirement.

Build Your Website

We provide the one-click installer with our hosting plans which allows you to build your website in a few clicks with website building tool.

Create your Business Mail ID

Having a mail id with your Business name mentioned it will help you look more trustworthy to your customers.

.in domain

Find an ideal extension

Show yourself with an unusual domain extension.

Additional ways to register a domain you can remember.

Select from more than 200 domain extensions:- From .science to .space, find an easy, memorable domain that's that resembles you the most.

Get a domain as especial as you:- Even before someone visits your website, state your persona and the things you do/provide. Express your proficiency with a descriptive domain ending.

Make it secure

Acquire a domain with included security

Secure your site with a few easy steps:- You can get a domain at Hostripples with ID protection & free SSL certificate. In any case where you are making your business available for online audiences or broadening your website, these are some pointers to make a secure website.

To Encrypt your Website, acquire an SSL certificate:- Increase safety of your website and your visitors details by introducing SSL Certificate onto your website with HTTPS encryption. Secure details like passwords, credit card info as it goes through the website. An SSL encryption makes sure no one keeps an eye on the information provided/ extracted form your website.

.in domain

Add ons you will need with Domain


Hostripples provide cheapest web hosting services in India starting from Rs.35/-. Get Blazing fast, secure and reliable hosting services form India's best hosting provider. Learn More.

SSL Certificate

To Encrypt your Website, acquire an SSL certificate. Increase the safety of your website and your visitor's details by introducing SSL Certificate onto your website with HTTPS encryption. Secure details like passwords, credit card info as it goes through the website. An SSL encryption makes sure no one keeps an eye on the information provided/ extracted from your website. Learn More.

Business Email

Business email service starts @ Rs.2/day. Get a business or personal email id included with your new domain name. Assure your users and infrastructure are protected against threats like spam and viruses. Learn More.

ID Protection / WHOIS protection

Protect your personal information and privacy. Hide the contact details of the domain registrant/owner from WHOIS information that provide publicly. You can enable ID protection during domain registration process.

.in domain

Book your.in domain before its gone!

An idea like yours is unique but not remain a secret for a long time! Make sure you execute it with a .in domain name here at Hostripples.

Domain Name FAQ's

What is a domain name?

A Domain is the location of your webpage on the World Wide Web. It is fixed, unique and has only one owner. For Example www.google.com. At the beginning stage of the internet, A sequence of numbers called IP address was used to identify or connect to a page, however, it was not possible to remember long numbers for all different sites, so to make it simple it was replaced by Domain Names. It may have different extensions, like .com or .in but the sole purpose is to type it and bring up any website.

What is the .in domain name?

.in domain is country code for India which is registered under INRegistry. If you are an Indian business owner or you probably do business in India, or if your targeted audience is from India, then using a .in domain for your business will help you gain more visibility.

Why should I buy a domain name from Hostripples?

Hostripples provides a robust control panel to manage your Domain name along with DNS. We also have regular offers on Domains and Web Hosting packages; Hostripples provides extensive offers on shared hosting, so if you have a domain with us, you can avail of these offers anytime.

How .in domain name can help my business?

Having a .in domain makes it easier to be accessed by the Indian Audience. Also, it helps to differentiate your business name from an Indian perspective. Companies with similar names might have registered .com or .net domain, so you have a good option to choose for .in domain with the same name which is the differentiating factor.

.in domain is an opportunity for beginners?

Yes, .in domain gives you an opportunity to showcase your business for the Indian Audience. It might be difficult to get a .com domain for your business as someone in the world might have already registered it, but it should not hinder your opportunities of doing an online business or showcasing your product or service or change your business name altogether, for all such users for who .com is not available, you can go with .in.

How many characters can we use in a domain?

Studies suggest the ideal length of domain character should be 1 to 63. That reflects your product name or your taglines. Most people choose the combination of letters and numbers in a domain name. Hostripples recommends it to keep it short and simple so it’s easier for your audience to remember it.

Can Hyphens be used in a domain name?

Yes, you can use hyphens in the domain as well as sub-domains and subfolders, however, Underscores (_) are not allowed in a domain name.

Can I use symbols in a domain name?

Unfortunately, Symbols are not allowed in a domain, as the goal is to keep it simple and easy to remember. The only symbol that can be used in a domain name is a hyphen (-)

Is .in a top-level domain?

.in is ccTLD means, .in is a country code Top-level domain. The .in domain is now one of the fastest-growing ccTLD.

Should I buy a domain name the same as my Business name?

To maintain the continuity of your business name and your brand, it’s essential to register your domain the same as your business but it’s not compulsory. If your exact business name is not available, you can try different combinations or change the extensions. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Can I change my .in domain name once I buy it?

No, you cannot be changing the domain once it is registered, so please be careful while selecting your domain. Make sure you spell it right!!!

How should my domain look like?

Unique, Simple and Easy to remember are the basic qualities you need to keep in mind while creating a domain name. Avoid using hyphens or numbers. Keep it short. For example www.google.com, www.facebook.com, etc.

Is a .in domain name beneficial for my Brand?

.in refers to India, so if your audience is Indian, or you want to showcase that your brand or company in India, you can definitely go with the .in domain name. Make your stand as an Indian origin and improve the value of your domain even before you publish content on your web page.

How to choose a good .in domain name?

Go with .in domain. Keep the domain name short
o Make it Easy to say and spell
o Use keywords in your domain
o Make it expandable
And so on..!!!

Are there any terms & conditions for registration of the .in domain?

No, Registration of .in domain is open to anyone. Register your Domain Now!!!

Should I use numbers and characters in my domain name?

We do not recommend using numbers and “-” as it is not a good practice to use them in your domain name. For example, www.kouponcode9.com is confusing to remember while visiting this site you remember the niche of what this site is about but you didn’t remember whether it was kouponcode9/ couponcode9/ couponcodenine/ cuponkode09 or something else.

Can I use blank space in my domain name [Like name “space” surname]?

No, you cannot use “space” between characters as the internet is not programmed to read spaces in-between domain. It has to be without space, if it’s very necessary for you to separate the word, you can use “-” in between the words.

For how much time can I own a domain name?

A domain can be registered for a minimum period of 1 year to 5 years. You can renew the domain name before its expiry date. Hostripples always sends periodic email notices to the owner to renew the domain before it expires, so our customers rest assured that their domain would expire.

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