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FREE! 1 Year Extension Included We will add one year to the current expiry date of your domain name for no additional cost. For example, if your domain expires on 5th Nov 2019 and you place a Transfer request on 17th Sept 2019 then after the transfer is complete, the new expiry date of your domain name will be 5th Nov 2020 i.e. you will not lose anytime even if you choose to transfer months before your domains expiry date.

Domain Names Register, Renew & Transfer!

TLD Minimum Years Register Transfer Renew
.com1 699 699 699
.in1 529 529 529
.net1 1200 1200 1200
.biz 1 1106 1106 1106
.org1 999 999 999
.pw 1 276 276 276
.co.in 1 599 599 599
.net.in 1 599 599 599
.org.in1 599 599 599
.gen.in1 599 599 599
.ind.in 1 599 599 599
.firm.in1 599 599 599
.in.net 1 799 799 799
.asia1 1092 1092 1092
.co 1 1999 1999 1999
.info 1 1299 1299 1299
.pro1 1299 1299 1299
.us1 799 799 799
.xyz 1 950 950 950
.company1 1499 1499 1499
.business 1 1499 1499 1499
.online1 2500 2500 2500
.cloud 1 850 850 850
.shop1 2800 2800 2800
.store1 4000 4000 4000
.website 1 1800 1800 1800
.tech1 4000 4000 4000
.science 1 1900 1900 1900
.bet 1 1300 1300 1300
.space 1 950 950 950
.press1 4760 4760 4760
.site 1 2720 2720 2720
.shiksha 1 1120 1120 1120
.fun1 1800 1800 1800
.top 1 950 950 950
.click1 950 950 950
.academy1 2500 2500 2500
.link1 900 900 900
.be1 800 800 800
.de1 800 800 800
.pl1 900 900 900
.biz.pl1 900 900 900
.com.pl1 900 900 900
.cat1 1000 1000 1000
.club1 700 700 700
.com.co1 1200 1200 1200
.live1 1622 1622 1622
.news1 1622 1622 1622
.yoga1 2071 2071 2071
.reviews1 1622 1622 1622
.social1 1942 1942 1942
.party1 2071 2071 2071
.men1 2071 2071 2071
.download1 2071 2071 2071
.red1 1106 1106 1106
.blue1 1106 1106 1106
.cricket1 2071 2071 2071
.faith1 2071 2071 2071
.date1 2071 2071 2071
.bid1 2071 2071 2071
.trade1 2071 2071 2071
.pink1 1106 1106 1106
.ws1 1881 1881 1881
Register Transfer Renew

Why should you transfer your domain to a different registrar?

If own a domain name already, you might be aware of the procedure to acquire it. It’s quite simple, you go online and search for a domain registrar, you see that your domain name is available for registration, you also find a good deal on the domain with XYZ registrar and you get it registered. However, after a couple of days you find out that the customer service of the registrar with who you registered the domain, is not good enough and you do not like them.

You go and search online and find that domain transfer from one registrar to other registrar is possible. But how? Would it be a straight forward process? Would you lose your domain? Would the website be down while transferring the domain? You might have 100 questions in your mind.

Let’s look at the following points before you Transfer your Domain:-

a. Why should you Transfer your domain?

There are 1000’s of domain registrars in the online market. Not all Registrars are same. The Terms and conditions and the features they offer differ from registrar to registrar. You might not come to know about this initially, but later you find out that you are not happy with what you are getting!!! The good News is that you are not bound. You can stitch the registrars and choose the one that you like.

b. How do you choose a good registrar?

Almost all registrars have different offers and features that they offer to their customers, features include: - Identity protection, Email accounts, Sub Domains and Web Hosting services. If any registrar does not provide the features that you require, you can switch to any registrar of your choice.

In addition to the above features, here are some other aspects that you need to consider before making the switch.

  • Check if you are getting value for your Money, compare with other registrars to get a better understanding.
  • Do you get any control panel to manage your domain from the registrar? Is the control panel user friendly?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support? If yes what kind of support they offer?
  • Check if the features provided by the registrar are owned by their company or do they resell from other companies?


Pricing is an important factor while choosing to transfer a domain from one registrar to another as every domain registrar has different features to offer which may be included in the price or might be charged extra. The best way is to compare it with other registrars.

Change Ownership:-

Change if ownership is also possible, however you might have to transfer the domain to a different registrar. Change of ownership from you to a different person or vice versa or from a personal account to a business account is also possible. You can change the ownership of the domain while transferring from one registrar to other.

Let’s look how you can Transfer a domain!

As you know, there are 1000’s of registrars in the online world, the competition between them makes it easy to transfer the domain from one registrar to other. The process of domain transfer may differ from registrar to registrar but there are some fundamental rules that every registrar needs to follow.

Transfer Lock

Transfer Lock

This prevents your domain from unauthorized transfers and one has to unlock the domain in order to transfer it.

Authorization Code

Authorization Code

To make the process secure and to determine if you are allowed to transfer the domain, an authorization code is generated, which can be asked by the gaining registrar during transfer. Such does are called Authorization code or EPP code (Extensible Provisioning Protocol)

Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email

Whenever you initiate a domain transfer, an email is generated and send to you on your registered email address for you to verify the transfer. The email might contain links for you to click on for the authorization of transfer.

It might be exhausting to understand the process of transfer due to the technical jargons, but we at Hostripples have made it easier for you. We help you all the way till your domain is successfully transferred. We are just One Click away!!!

Want to transfer a domain to us? Click on the link and Click on Transfer.

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We believe in our service and our customers too. Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our high power dedicated servers are built to provide the excellent performance and guarantee that all the web server applications should run smoothly without any interruptions.

24/7 Technical Phone Support

We are available for 365x24x7. You can ask for any query or a doubt with our technical support team.

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