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 Restore a database on SQL Server using .mdf, .ldf and .ndf files?

You need to attach the database rather than perform a restore. Using Enterprise Manager: Expand the registered SQL server Right-click Databases, select All Tasks -> Attach Database… Click the “…” button to...

 PHP send mail with SMTP Authentication

<?php require_once "Mail.php";   $from = ""; $to = ""; $subject = "Hi!"; $body = "Hi,\n\nHow are you?";   $host = "Localhost"; $username = ""; $password...

 How can one combine PHP5 with PHP 4 ?

We have to  compile php4 with apache and need to install php5 but do not compile it with apache. Normal configure commands could be used to compile php4 with apache. Now PHP5 Installation. a) You can download the version of pHP5...

 What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is the leading auto installer for many common web applications for example:-The following applications install with approx 3 mouse clicks and a few text entries (for example choosing a username and password :-) it just does...

 redirect using .htaccess

1) Temporary Redirect : Redirect temp / This will redirect — to — Redirect temp /folder This will redirect —...