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SSD Shared Server

Traditionally used HDD's are volatile and contains spinning head for reading and writing data on the disk, which in turn affects the durability, speed, power and Disk Space Management. Therefore now a day's SSD Shared Hosting is preferred over it.
We provide Cheap Price SSD Shared Hosting in 4 countries: India, United Kingdom, Poland and USA. It would be great if you select the location of the server based on your targeted audiences! This will help in reducing latency & increasing performance of your site. So select the location which will improve the speed and quality of the information sharing across the world.
The SSD Servers are more durable than normal HDD's. Therefore we at Hostripples provide lightening fast SSD Shared Hosting with 100% secured SSD cPanel Hosting Plans. Along with it you will get benefits like

  • High Disk Performance
  • Low Cost High Resources
  • DDOS Protection
  • Free Website Migration
  • Solid Firewall Protection
  • Free SEO Friendly tools
  • 24x7 Priority support

Rs 129per month

INDIA SSD Shared Server

  • Web Space : 20 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • FTP Accounts : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
Rs 129per month

UK SSD Shared Server

  • Web Space : 5 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • FTP Accounts : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
Rs 129per month

Poland SSD Shared Server

  • Web Space : 5 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • FTP Accounts : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited
Rs 129per month

USA SSD Shared Server

  • Web Space : 5 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • FTP Accounts : Unlimited
  • Email Accounts : Unlimited

SSD Shared Hosting FAQ’s

What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Now a day's SSD is preferred over HDD. It has no moving mechanical components. This is the main difference between SSD and traditional HDD. Traditional HDD contains spinning disks and a read-write head. On the other hand SSD are more resistant to physical shock, it runs silently and provides quicker access and also helps in decreasing the latency.

What are the main advantages of SSD?

SSD has access speed in milliseconds which makes it nearly 100 times faster due to which the program runs quickly. It uses flash memory as it has no moving parts which offer better performance and reliability. It consumes less power and increases battery life. It has more life span than traditional HDD. It is not affected by magnetism.

What is SSD Hosting?

- In any business what is most important part? Speed! Right! Google also takes this into account, if the speed of website is fast then it provides great experience, as nobody wants to visit a slow website. This is where SSD Hosting helps you. Because SSD has no mechanical moving parts like spinning disks and a read-write head. These servers are reliable and stable. They generate less heat than traditional HDD.

Thus you may say that SSD Hosting is the future for data storage and especially for web hosting.

What is SSD Shared Hosting?

Traditionally in Shared Hosting, servers used to have HDD, which contained mechanical moving parts and read - write heads. It also generated high heat and data is not stored permanently. This in turn affects the durability, speed, power and Disk Space Management. Due to these reasons now a day’s SSD Shared Hosting is used. The SSD servers are more durable than normal HDD's. SSD Shared hosting provides durability, speed, and power and disk space management.

Who should consider SSD hosting?

A fast website will help you for getting a good position in Google ranking, so you can go for SSD hosting. It is reliable, stable, easy and quick way to take its advantage over others.

It is also observed that slow websites doesn’t get much attention from the visitors and as mentioned above visitor’s are mostly looking for speed so if you host your website on solid state drives then it will make your site load much faster than the traditional HDD.

Also if you have any web application related to finance like billing then also you can use SSD Hosting to save the time.

Where are your servers located? Which locations are available for SSD Shared Hosting plans?

Our servers are located in India as well as Singapore, Canada, UK, France, Poland and at other locations where we provide Geo-IP location.

For our SSD Shared Hosting plans the locations available are: India, UK, Poland and USA.

What control panel will I be provided?

You will be provided famous cPanel control panel

How can I get free SSL certificate for my site through SSD Shared Hosting plans?

If you don’t have any third party certificate installed on your website then all the websites on our server will have an SSL certificate installed through cPanel and you only need to simply update the ‘https’ secure link in your software of the website. Refer your software’s documentation for it.

Also it is important to note that this feature will not replace the existing SSL certificates. Also it is required to remove the existing expiring certificate if you want a SSL certificate generated through cPanel automatically.

Certificate generation occurs daily and certificates are generally available within 24-48 hours.

Will you migrate my hosting account/websites from another provider?

Yes, we will migrate your hosting account from another hosting provider and we do not charge any fees while migrating any account.

Will my website face any downtime during migration process? How long will my site be offline?

The migration process and the time it takes will vary depending on the size of the account and speed connectivity of the old hosting provider. According to our experience the migration take place in between 4-8 hrs. Do not change the name servers for the domain, so the site will be online and running from the old server

How long does it take for my account to be activated?

Once you paid the amount, the account will be set up immediately and ready to use.

Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?

No there are no hidden costs or set up fees.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade my SSD Hosting Plan?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your SSD Hosting plan. You can also upgrade or downgrade your SSD hosting plan. >> Login to client area >> Under ‘Services’ menu you will find option ‘My services’ >> from here select the plan which you want to upgrade or downgrade i.e. click on ‘>’ icon before that service or plan >> then on the right hand side you will see an option >> Upgrade / Downgrade.

Why is SSD more expensive?

The SSD is more expensive than traditional HDD because SSD is a new technology then traditional HDD. Also we are using traditional HDD from many years. Also the number of customers on SSD servers are less compared to others to ensure that this is a quality service.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on all SSD Hosting plans?

Yes, we do offer 30 days money-back guarantee on all SSD Hosting plans. Please refer our legal page for more info. on Money Back Policy.

Do you have an uptime guarantee?

Yes, we do offer 99.9% uptime on all SSD Hosting Plans. Please refer our legal page for more info. on Network Uptime Guarantee.

Do you provide backups for my account/website?

Yes, we do provide backups for your account. But it is also your responsibility to take backup from your end and store it on your personal computer.

Do you offer any spam protection for my emails?

Actually we have various server scanner, with the help of scanner we can protect emails from spamming.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Indian Customer ( Credit Card , Debit Card , Wallet Transfer and more ) Paypal (International customer) NEFT Bank Transfer Skrill / Moneybookers PaySafeCard (Global) Molpay (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand) Alipay (China) (Global) Cashu (Middle East and North Africa) Qiwi(GLobal) Sofort Banking (Europe) ATMVA (Indonesia) Ccavenue (Indian Customer) Bitcoin and Altcoins.

When are my renewal invoices issued/due?

Your account renewal invoices will be issued 15 days before the renewal date.

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