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Cheap India Cloud VPS Server

Best Cheap Linux and Windows
Cloud VPS Server

Powerful and High Performance
Cloud Servers for your Applications

We have designed our Linux and Windows Cloud Virtual Private Server Plans such that they will fulfill your requirement of a cheap price & manageable secured Cloud VPS Server Hosting. You can immediately start with it using Your Own Admin access

Features Included :

  • Bandwidth : Unlimited traffic
  • Root Access : YES
  • IPv4 : 1 IP
  • IPv6 : 1 IP

Cheap Cloud VPS Server

Linux Cloud VPS Server

Rs 1500 / month
  • Guaranteed RAM : 2 GB
  • HDD : 25 GB Raid 10
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited traffic
  • CPU Cores : 1 vCores
  • Root Access : YES
  • IPv4 : 1 IP
  • IPv6 : 1 IP

Windows Cloud VPS Server

Rs 2100 / month
  • Guaranteed RAM : 2 GB
  • HDD : 25 GB Raid 10
  • Bandwidth : Unlimited traffic
  • CPU Cores : 1 vCores
  • Root Access : YES
  • IPv4 : 1 IP
  • IPv6 : 1 IP

Cloud VPS Hosting FAQ's

What is Cloud VPS?

A Virtual Private Server which is running on a cluster of hardware host servers i.e. “Cloud” itself is called as Cloud VPS

How exactly does Cloud VPS work?

Our Cloud VPS resources use few physical servers at once so in case if there is any error then a server may shut down, in that situation, it is automatically picked up by the other servers in the cloud. If those servers are also struggling then additional servers are automatically brought online to accommodate. Cloud Hosting can be flawlessly used without disturbing the service.

How does cloud hosting differ from Shared hosting and Dedicated Server hosting?

Shared Hosting is where each customer receives a portion of the same physical server hardware to run their website or application. With number of customers sharing one set of physical hardware, you can’t rely on a guaranteed level of server performance. If you are running intensive, critical processes, shared hosting isn’t up to snuff.

In Cloud Hosting number of machines effectively acts as one system. By using virtualization technique, multiple physical servers are used together and presented to the website or application as a single machine. Any slack caused due to downed server is automatically picked up by the other servers in the cloud. If those servers are struggling then additional servers are automatically brought online to accommodate. Ultimately, you can completely rely on cloud hosting to deliver the guaranteed service level that your website needs.

In dedicated server 100% of the resources are reserved to the client. No customers will share Internet connectivity, hardware, disk space, etc. Resources are allotted to the requirements of the client, including storage, RAM, bandwidth, and type of processor. Dedicated hosting servers are the most powerful machines on the market designed to allow 100% up-time and enterprise level clients can rest assured.

Why cloud hosting stands out as the best hosting solution?

The Cloud hosting stands out as the best hosting solution because it is scalable, it provides high performance as well as reliability, there are less down times, you can choose your own operating system, you will get root access to your server so that you can have a full control over your server.

What can I do with my Cloud Server?

With your Cloud server you can host any services as you will have root access to your cloud server so there are no limitations to what you want to run on your cloud server. But it should not violate the terms of service.

How much can I host from my cloud server?

You can run any number of domains, services and applications from Hostripples Cloud VPS server, but it totally depends upon server disk space and the resources allotted to you.

Which Operating System supports your Cloud Servers?

Both Linux and Windows Operating system supports Cloud Servers.

How do I choose between a Linux Cloud & Windows Cloud Server?

The concept of Cloud hosting discards the concept of physical servers and it works with cloud computing. The Linux Cloud Server is like a server on which the accounts are setup based on the customer’s demands. But the most important benefit of this server is that unlike the traditional shared servers where there is a possibility of single account using up all the resources and the other accounts getting only the limited resources does not occur as in Cloud hosting each individual account is given their own dedicated CPU, RAM and other resources therefore each account is separated from one another. The Linux Cloud VPS plan which we have designed has the biggest asset i.e. reduced cost of the server.

For many businesses, our Windows Cloud VPS packages offers several advantages: scalability, cheap cost and increased resources like increased bandwidth, speed and performance which helps in removing the fear that the site may crash or visitors may face site slow down. The plan is designed in such a way that it will fulfill all your requirements.

Where is your Cloud VPS Hosted?

Our both Linux Cloud VPS servers and Windows Cloud VPS Servers are located at: Canada, France, Poland, UK, and Germany. All the data is stored on 25GB RAID10 HDD in both the Linux and Windows Cloud VPS servers.

Does Hostripples back up my virtual machine?

No, it is not our responsibility.

How do I migrate my content from web hosting plan to Cloud VPS?

You can contact our support team, they will help you further.

How long will my cloud server take to setup?

Once you make the payment your cloud server will be setup immediately, but it depends upon the availability of the server for the preferred location. If the server is not available for that location then we will suggest you another location.

How about the Uptime & Customer Support with Cloud hosting?

We provide 99.9% Uptime and 24*7/365 days live support. Please refer our legal page for more info. on Network Uptime Guarantee.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my cloud hosting plans as per my requirements?

You can only upgrade the Cloud VPS plan as per your requirement

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