What is web hosting? Web hosting refers to the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world... Can I use a Dedicated SSL for a Sub-domain ? There is no restriction on using a Dedicated SSL certificate for a Sub-domain. You just need to... Can I use my domain name or must I use my IP address as the hostname for FTP? Using your IP address (  is an example IP address) is the preferred entry for... Can a Dedicated IP be purchased with Shared Hosting? Yes, you can order a Dedicated IP if you have hosting account or VPS with us. Can you transfer my sites from my current host to my new VPS? Yes. We will transfer all of your sites free* of charge and will assure that you experience no or... Command to check the path for Imagemagick Login to your server as root Fire the following command: which convert That should display the... Commands for VI editor To Get Into and Out Of vi :- To start - vi filename (edit filename starting at line 1) vi -r... Do I need to buy a new Certificate if I upgrade hosting ? No, there is no need to purchase a different SSL when switching plans. Do you allow MP3 files? Do you allow streaming of videos? Yes we do with our special plans at Do you have PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) What is the PEAR library? PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is an object-oriented... Do you offer unlimited bandwidth? Yes we do !! Do you provide true 24×7 web hosting support? Yes. We have level 1 and level 2 support staff and senior system administrators working around... Do you support Cold Fusion? We do not support or Cold Fusion on our shared hosting servers, however you are more than welcome... Do you support international domains? Yes, but in most cases you need to handle the domain registration process by yourself. We... How Do I access my website control panel? If you have cpanel you can access your control panel using below URL : How To Enable Mod_rewrite Module ? Lets see How to enable Mod-Rewrite Module and The first line of this text file should be:... How To Get ASP.NET Menu Control Through The Browser? If your website is hosted on the Windows hosting platform and you are working with the ASP.NET... How To Install eAccelerator In Cpanel in dedicated server environment? Following steps could be referred for the same :- Make sure PHP runs as DSO Apache module. For... How To Restrict Access To WP-Admin For Preventing Malicious Attacks? While the internet is a great platform for establishing an impressive online identity it also... How can I access awstats from outside cpanel? Step 1. Download awstats from Step 2. Uncompress awstats-5.6.tgz... How can I avoid social engineering attacks? Social engineering attacks can generally occur anywhere – on social networking sites as... How can I calculate how much bandwidth I need for my site? Here is a formula to calculate an estimate on the amount of bandwidth you will need: Total... How can I check the load on the server, without logging in to it? Following script to check the load on the server could be referred:- This script will create a... How can I create Auto-responders for my email address through CPanel a)      Login to your website CPanelb)     ... How can I enable Spam Assassin to stop the spam in my CPanel a)      Login to your website CPanelb)     ... How can I set mail forwarders for my email ID in CPanel a)      Login to your website CPanelb)     ... How can I upgrade my hosting package? Go to Hosting.Wmirchi.Com client area login: - Click "My... How can I use remote mail servers for my mails in CPanel a)      Make sure that you have all the details of your mail servers... How can one combine PHP5 with PHP 4 ? We have to  compile php4 with apache and need to install php5 but do not compile it with... How can you have a automated script to run a chkrootkit process ? #!/bin/sh cd /root/ wget tar -zxvf... How can you have a page which would show you apache status? You can also  check and monitor Apache server’s current status on the web page without... How do I change my CPanel password a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How do I change the password of Mailing list a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How do I change the password of email ID in CPanel a)      Login to the CPanel of your... How do I change the permissions of the files through CPanel a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How do I create a New directory or folder through File manager in CPanel a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How do I create a new file through File manager in CPanel a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How do I create mailing lists through CPanel a)      Login to your websites CPanel b)     ... How do I delete the email address in CPanel a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How do I delete the unwanted files from website through CPanel a)      Login to your website CPanelb)     ... How do I edit a file through File manager in CPanel a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How do I edit mailing lists or add an email ID in mailing lists in CPanel a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How do I enable Leech Protection for my website in CPanel a)      Login to your CPanel of the website... How do I install Suhosin under different Linux Distributions? (RHEL/CentOS / Fedora) Please refer the following steps : a.Download latest version of Suhosin # cd /opt # wget... How do I manually deliver all of the mail in my VPS mail queue? Normally /var gets full due to saturated mails. To manually deliver those mails refer the ... How do I redirect my Sub domain to another URL or page a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How do I rename a file through File manager in CPanel a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How do I restore files from the plesk.msi package? This knowledgebase post shows the steps to be taken to extract files from the plesk.msi... How do I upload my site? The main method of uploading files to your site's account is by using FTP. When you sign up the... How do I upload my webpages or files on my CPanel account a)      On your local machine install Filezilla FTP... How do I upload my webpages with file manager tool in CPanel a)      Login to your websites CPanelb)     ... How is a website transfered? website transfer include:1. Transferring all of the customer's databases;2. All of the customer's... How long does it take for my order to be processed as soon as I purchase a Dedicated IP? Our sales team work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you should expect your order to be processed... How much do Dedicated IPs cost? Dedicated IP does cost Rs 200/month. How much space and bandwidth will I need? Its really does not matter with hostripples as all of our shared plan does come up with the... How soon will my account be activated? Your paid hosting account will be activated instantly. How to Backup and Restore Individual cPanel Account via SSH? Create backup of Individual cPanel Account via SSH  ... How to Change upload_max_filesize for a particular domain? Execute the following command for a domain in Ensim from root:- #echo “php_admin_value... How to Create BackUp in Softaculous ? Softaculous comes pre-installed with our cPanel hosting control panel. It enables users with... How to Enable SSH for Dedicated Server on Linux ? Following steps could be referred : a.You will have to generate ssh key pairs for your... How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC) on your Server? Step a: Login to your server as root.   Step b: Download the APC wget... How to Manage Backups in cPanel 11? In the information era, data is considered to be an asset for any business or individual. If you... How to Manage Large Log Files? When the system log file increases it means that there is some issue associated software or... How to Monitor Network Services Using Netstat Command? Netstat is a tool in the Linux which can be used to monitor network services. It dictates you... How to Prevent Hotlinking in Lighttpd ? HotLinking is something using which you can display an image, which you have seen on someone... How to Re-install Perl on a FreeBSD ,cPanel server? Reinstall perl using the following command : [root@server:~]# cd /usr/ports/lang/perl5... How to Secure Server using SSH ? Quite frequently we hear about news about increasing number of attacks on SSH. Its pretty ofter... How to Use Cat Command on Dedicated Server? The “cat” command allows you to read /view the contents of the text files without... How to Use sudo to Assign Root Access to a User on a Linux Server Attimes you are required to offer Root access for a particular account having limited privileges... How to Use sudo to Assign Root Access to a User on a Linux Server? Please refer the following steps:   a. Login to the server as root.   b. Execute... How to add mail account manually through shell? It’s a one step process. Just login to your server as root user. Fire the below command:... How to add timestamp to history command? history command lists all executed command on server. By default output of command is as... How to add user to Tomcat? Open following file in your favourite editor :- $CATALINA_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml or... How to assign free Ip address to the server? Login to WHM Click on IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address and Add the Free ip with... How to auto delete Emails on cPanel 11 How to auto delete Emails on cPanel : You need to set the cron by using cpanel >> cronjob... How to backup a copy of apache? Fire the following command to take a backup of apache on your... How to backup and restore the database via phpmyadmin ? How to backup and restore the database via phpmyadmin ? Following are the steps which could be referred a. Open phpMyAdmin. b. Select your database... How to ban or block an IP address from visiting my website? You can make use of .htaccess files in order to block an IP address from accessing your website.... How to build your RPM database again? Please refer the following steps:   [root@server1]# cd /var/lib/rpm/  ... How to change Date, Time , Zone on linux server? You can use date command to display the current date and time # date Tue May 11 22:27:44 CET 2010... How to change mail server ip address in PLESK 1) First check the domain name which is hosted on the Windows hosting server by using following... How to change the hostname of the server? Following are the steps to change the hostname via ssh: Login to server via SSH as root Run... How to check MySQL query caching status on your linux server? Login to your server as root.   On mysql prompt fire the following command:  ... How to check apache version on a linux dedicated cpanel server? Please refer the following steps: 1. Login to your server as root user. 2. Fire the following... How to check if your Linux server is under DDOS Attack? Login to your server as root and fire the following command, using  which you can check if... How to check the Imagemagick path? Login to your server as root Fire the following at the shell: which convert Most of the servers... How to clear the YUM cache? What is yum? The Yellowdog Updater, Modified (yum) is an open-source command-line... How to clear the mail queue using a script? If you want to clear your mail queue, you can create a script named with... How to configure tftp on your dedicated server ? a.Login as root in your Linux server b. Type this command: [root@TftpServer ~]# yum install... How to connect to mysql via Dreamweaver? Refer the following steps:- Create / open a new PHP File 1) new site 2) Yes I want to use... How to correct the error for addon domain not getting listed in cpanel? Refer the following steps:- 1)      Login to WHM >> Dns... How to create password protecting directories? 1) Create a .htaccess file and specify the following code in it, AuthType Basic AuthName... How to disable Core Dumps on the dedicated server? Please refer the following steps: 1. Login to your server as root. 2. Open up /etc/init.d/httpd... How to disable and remove package repositories using YUM command. Disabling a Package Repository: Usually, the package repositories are located in the definition... How to disable direct root Logins? How to disable direct root Logins? SSH into your server as ‘admin’ and gain root access by su Copy and paste this... How to disable php for a particular user on the server? Put the following code in  .htaaccess file for that user as: php_flag engine off OR In... How to disable the core dumps? You see that files with name ‘Core’ is created under your account. These core... How to enable mysql port on your linux dedicated server? Please refer the following steps: 1. Login to your server as root. 2. Edit csf configuration... How to enable update now button awstats? There are two different ways to enable this option: 1] First method is Via WHM control panel 2]... How to find a Label Name of any Partition on linux server? To find the label of a partition, use following command with appropriate changes:... How to import and dump (backup) MYSQL database? Login to your server as root Restore data from your .sql backup file to the corresponding... How to increase the size of /tmp partition? Following steps could be referred for the same:- a.. First stop MySQL, Apache, and cPanel to... How to install Nagios? Nagios is a popular open source network monitoring application. It’s mainly used to monitor... How to install Phpmyadmin ? 1. Ftp: Download the latest version from The... How to install Webmin? Webmin is an open source, web-based interface designed to be used as a managing tool In Unix and... How to install Zend optimizer on your server? Below are the steps: Create a file “phpinfo” in an account: <? phpinfo();... How to install chkrootkit? SSH as admin to your server. #Change to root su - #Execute the  following command wget... How to install csf firewall on your server? Refer the following the steps: rm -fv csf.tgz wget tar... How to install vsftpd? First login into the server as root. Go to the /usr/local/src/ folder and download the latest... How to prevent the DDOS? To prevent DDOS, below are the steps: Setup the machine / network keeping security in mind... How to protect /tmp on your server ? Normally you get the following error Error or warning message : Check /var/tmp is mounted as a... How to rectify the following Common squirrelmail problem? Sometimes you receive the following error while browsing webmail: Warning:... How to redirect domain to subdirectory without redirecting url f you want to redirect your domain name to sub-directory but the url shows only domain nameFor... How to remove the .html extension from the URL ? Add the following code in .htaccess file Options +FollowSymLinks Options +Indexes RewriteEngine... How to remove the .php extension from the URL? Ans : Add the following code in .htaccess file Options +FollowSymLinks Options +Indexes... How to reset mysql root password ? a. service mysqld stop b. echo “SET PASSWORD FOR ‘root’@'localhost’ =... How to resolve the blank page issue for awstats? Awstats showing blank page but all other Stats applications running fine. No logs for any of the... How to resolve ‘passwd: Authentication token manipulation error for cpanel’? Many a times, users cannot update their password via cpanel Error: Changing password for user... How to resolve ‘phpMyAdmin “500 internal server error”? Normally this happens when you upgrade the version of Cpanel. 1) Check the permissions for files... How to restore a Softaculous backup ? Following is the procedure to secure a backup in Softaculous Step 1 – Login to your cPanel... How to secure your SSH? To secure the server , we would disable direct root login. That could be done via ... How to secure your server via WHM? Login into WHM and refer the following steps one by one to check the server security: a. Check... How to set custom 404 page in joomla lets see how to create 404.shtml file under the document root then open the error.php file vi... How to set up Time Zone via command line on your server? For setting up different time zone for a particular domain, you need to specify the time zone in... How to set up daily email alerts for chkrootkit? Login to your server as root and at the root prompt fire the below command: root@xxx[~]vi... How to setup /~username/ If want to control all the domains, before they resolve, then that could be done by creating some... How to setup an Email alert when somebody has logged into your server as root? For receiving an alert if someone logs in as root to your server, you will have to make Some... How to solve Error "Unable to create directory in wordpress" Error : Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/2014/16. Is its parent directory... How to split the large files in to small files? There  is simple syntax given below for splitting large file into several small size files.... How to take the backup of MBR on linux server? Always recommended that you should take backup MBR. It is hard disk partition table on your... How to unban the ip address using iptables on Linux server? 1)      Login to the server as root user 2) Use the commands given... How to unrar on Fedora core Linux Server ? If you are using Fedora core Linux server then use yum to install rar : yum install unrar... How to update DirectAdmin License Manually? Execute the following command : cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./ ClientDI... How to update apache to the latest version? Check the current version of apache by running httpd –v Then execute the following... How to use tar command on linux server? “Untar” a file If you are working with example.tar  file, you can extract the... How to use ‘find’ command to get the list of files modified on particular date? To get the list of files modified on 7th June , you can use the following command : find -type f... How to view the disk space usages of your website in CPanel a)      Login to CPanel of your websiteb)     ... How will I resolve the below database error? There seems to have been a slight problem with the database. Please try again by pressing the... How will you change the default file (homepage) using .htaccess? When a URL specifying only a directory is requested … eg.:... How will you check and confirm that your server is using suPHP? It’s very simple to verify this. Have a simple ‘php info’ script. Create a... How will you fix phpbb:critical error? If you get phpBB: Critical Error, then in that case there is a chance the database is broken.... How will you secure your wordpress by using .htaccess file? In wordpress you have a wp-config.php file.It has all the details related to wordpress... How would you rectify the problem ‘Can’t create new cpanel accounts’? If you are creating a cpanel account for a domain , lets say and after filling Up all... I am currently hosted with another hosting company and would like to switch over to Hostripples How do I do this? Just enter a pre-sales FAQ and we will take care of everything. We will transfer your domain name... IMPORTANT: do not ignore this email. The hostname resolves to x.x.x.x It should resolve to z.z.z.z If the DNS entries for your hostname are not set up correctly, you may get a message saying... If I buy a hosting plan now can I upgrade when my website grows? Is there any charge? es, you can upgrade at any point. Just submit a ticket at write which plan... Maximum file limit has been reached on your server. Hello,   Please refer the following steps to rectify the above issue. Login into server... Most common Frontpage 403 Forbidden error The most common error you get when publishing  the site by using FrontPage is 403 Forbidden... PHP as a CGI with Suexec When PHP runs as a CGI with Suexec, PHP files work under your user/group. PHP files no longer... PHP as an Apache Module When PHP runs as an Apache module, PHP files work under the Apache user/group known as... Should I use POP3 or IMAP when setting up my e-mail accounts? There are two primary protocols for retrieving e-mails from a server – IMAP and POP3. But... Steps to Disable Default cPanel Login Details For FTP Access A. Openup the ftpupdate file and edit it using the following command:   root@server [] vi... Steps to install Perl on a Linux dedicated server Please refer the following steps: 1. Login to your server as root user. 2.Fire the following... Steps to resolve the error Apache Error: “semget: No space left on device” If apache does not start , then please check the error logs with cpanel. The error... Steps to resolve the error named Failed rndc: connect failed: connection refused If you get following errors while checking... Steps to resolve the error ‘Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist” After plesk upgrade  or  with newly installed plesk , if you are not able to set the... Switching hosts? Things to do! If for some reason you are not happy with your hosting service and wish to switch then there are... Tell me few basic exim commands which could be executed on the server. a. To find out, how many messages are there in the mail queue: exim –bpc b. To check the... Tell me something about phpsuexec PHPSuexec is the term which is used to describe running PHP as a CGI with Suexec. It creates a... Tell me various runlevels in linux OS Following are the run-levels which you could refer : 0 — Halt 1 — Single-user mode 2... What Name Servers Should I use? You will receive the nameservers in the order email. Or contact us. What are domlogs? Domlogs are the domain logs which are generated for the domain. Web statistics use these logs.... What are the steps to fix the error ‘Maximum file limit has been reached’ on your server? Many a times we receive the error ‘Maximum file limit has been reached’, in that... What are the steps to resolve the error ‘421 service not available’ in case of ftp? FTP connection to the server cannot be established. FTP client returns the error: 421 Service... What is Leech Protection in CPanel Leech Protect allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their... What is Operating System in web hosting? We do use the most popular OS that is CloudLinux with CageFS security on all of our shared server. What is Parked Domain A parked domain is a domain name that points to your main domain or primary domain. If What is SSI? When working on UNIX system, sometimes it is necessary to enable certain HTML files executable... What is Site Statistics? Web site statistics are important for any website. It allows you to see the effectiveness of your... What is Softaculous ? The Softaculous is an auto-installer which allows the installation of web applications with the... What is a Dedicated IP? When you buy shared web hosting, your account shares the Dedicated IP of the server in which your... What is an Addon domain An addon domain is a separate domain that is hosted on your primary domain but it appears as if... What is colocation hosting? Colocating the server gives you the greatest flexibility. You get to choose the hardware... What is dedicate hosting? The hosting company provides you a server, rack space for the server, back up power, Internet... What is log file? Log files are files that contain information on site traffic and visitors. It is a log of how... What is the advantage of shared hosting? Shared hosting is an economical and flexible Web solution. It is a quick, secure and reliable... What is the basic difference between dual core and quad core processor? Everyone know that quad core processor is faster than dual core processor. Following is the... What is uptime? Uptime is the percentage of time that a web site is working. For example, if some host has an... What is virtual hosting/ Shared web hosting/ domain Hosting? Virtual Hosting /Domain Hosting /Shared Hosting generally known as 'Web Hosting' is the most... What is web based control panel in web hosting? A Web Based Control Panel is a very nice feature to have in administering and customising your... What should I do , if I receive the following error while refreshing mysql on the server ? Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’... What the steps to add a new domain in securephpx whitelist? Following is the one step method for above:- Edit /usr/lib/php/php_whitelist , enter the domain... What the temporary links to access cpanel/plesk? This is the most common question asked. So please refer the following Links to access... Which are the common Linux log files and their usage? All log files on linux servers are normally located under /var/log directory.  ... Which brand of control panel do you use? Can I see a demo? We use cPanel & Plesk: Which web publishing programs do you recommend, and why? We recommend that you find a web publishing program that is easy for you to learn and use and... Why can't I find my web site in the search engines? Once your site has been submitted to the top Search Engines they may require several weeks, or... Will I have forced advertising on my site like I do on Geocities, etc.? No
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